max maximilianbianco at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 20:39:17 UTC 2008

peter lesterhuis wrote:
>> Are you running the command as Root?
> No, I am not!!  So I ran the command again, this time as root.
> Something has changed now. In the directory 
> /media/IPOD/iPod_Control/Device there is a file called SysInfo, 
> containing the 16-character FirewireGuid. There is also a file called 
> SysInfoExtended.
> When I start gtkpod I now see this warning message:
> "Could not open "(null)" for reading extended info.
> Extended info will not be used."
> I feel I am getting closer. What does this message refer to? Is it the 
> 16-character FirewireGuid, which start with a "0"?
In gtkpod there is a way of selecting the ipod model that you are using 
under ipod properties ( right click on the IPOD and select properties) 
make sure you have the right model selected. Also try AMAROK - Devices 
Tab > Connect ( make sure you select the right kind of player)


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