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> Michael A. Peters wrote:
> >
> > That's a bit of a problem for me, I do not have windows, and this is NOT
> > the kind of task I would expect to work in wine (though I may be wrong,
> > I kind of doubt it would).
> This doesn't answer the question, but it does address the problem of
> getting the firmware updated.
> There might be a way to get Windows, for this exercise. You do need some
> disk space.
> Look at for downloads.
> Sometimes there's a beta of something such as Windows Server 2008
> (there's a release candidate available for download right now). It's
> free to acquire for testing and evaluation. I would think evaluating its
> ability to update your firmware would be fair use.
> Microsoft also has evaluation versions of Small Business Server 2003.
> You need to order a CD.
> There's an evaluation version of Windows Xp SP2 x64 Edition for Athlon
> 64 and such right now. You need to order a CD.
> Note, you get an enormous key to enter when you install. You do not need
> to activate any of them immediately.
> If your CPU is capable of virtualisation, I think you can install to a
> file (maybe 2 Gbytes) under Xen or KVM, and give the guest the DVD
> burner. Think of it as like WINE, but better (from the POV of getting
> the job done).
> --
> Cheers
> John
Sounds like a winner but I was not very impressed with virtualization in
Fedora. It was to slow. Anyone else know what I mean? It seemed to be using
an old BIOS or perhaps mine is incompatible with something. I get this
message at boot time about an incompatibility with my BIOS. I am going to
try virtuozzo  there is supposed to be a free version available.

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