[F8] Need help with tar or how to copy root to new drive?

Daniel B. Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Fri Jan 18 05:06:48 UTC 2008

I am having a hard time simply trying to copy my root partition to a new
drive and somehow tar is not doing what I expected. Can someone advise
me how to do it correctly?

I tried:

1) mkdir /mnt/new
2) mount /dev/sdc3 /mnt/new
3) cd /mnt/new
4) (cd /; tar --one-file-system --xattrs -cf - .) | tar --one-file-system --xattrs -tvf -)
   [result: All mounted filesystems are copied over]  Drat!

The only other possibility that comes to my mind is to mount the root drive
to /mnt/root read-only. mount the new drive to /mnt/new, and then tar-copy
but this may have consequences with the currently mounted root filesystem?

Please advise.


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