Problem with RocketRaid driver installation [SOLVED]

Erik P. Olsen erik at
Sat Jan 19 09:29:03 UTC 2008

Alan Cox wrote:
>> Thanks, I'll have to check the differencies between software and hardware RAID1
>> to see what is best. Installation and maintenance of the hardware solution is
>> really difficult.
> Hardware RAID 1 ?? - as far as we can tell the rocketraid is a generic
> marvell controller with a different BIOS chip and a deliberately changed
> PCI identifier, nothing else. 
Thanks for the info. The installation problem I had seems to be related to an file distributed by HighPoint with their RocketRaid 
installation software. This program was originally written by RedHat but it is 
rather old - from 2002. I managed to find a newer version from 2007 and with 
this newer program the installation was successful. So I now have a Fedora 7 
installed on a hardware RAID1 configuration. It is running fairly well so I see 
no reason to change to a software version although it's nice to know that I have 
this alternative if unknown problems should arise.


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