nfs export a partition mounted via samba?

John Summerfield debian at
Wed Jan 23 04:18:30 UTC 2008

Dave Burns wrote:
> One of our users has a NAS or lan disk that he wants to make available
> (read only) to a number of people in our office. The disk's interface
> with the world is samba. Our shop uses NFS. How possible/suicidal
> would it be to try to mount this disk on a linux box via samba, then
> export it again via NFS? Would it work at all, be ridiculously slow,
> or bring Armageddon?

It might work, I think it will. However, you double the points of 
possible failure

> I've googled around, but I haven't discovered the right search terms
> to separate people who are comparing the two from the loonies like me
> who want to piggyback them. Or maybe I am the only one nutty enough to
> have even considered this (as if each weren't flakey enough on their
> own).

Mounting with cifs is generally trivial (samba isn't required). I don't 
think this is giving away too many secrets:

sudo mount.cifs //coco/reminst /mnt/coco.remoteinstall -o 

Note: one line.
Note, it's possible to put the credentials into a file beyond prying eyes.



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