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John Summerfield debian at
Wed Jan 23 12:45:03 UTC 2008

David Boles wrote:
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> John Summerfield wrote:
> | David Boles wrote:
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> | Not so. One DVD, structured differently.
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> |
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> | My plan is to discuss it here, then take it to the Anaconda list.
> It appears that you and I, there were several single posts by others, are
> the only ones discussing this so you might fair better on the Anaconda
> list. I most certainly can not write this and I don't have any objection
> to this if they can make it work. Why would I?
> | Look me up at Some (but not all) references are to me.
> |
> |
> |
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> | My proposal has nothing to do with the desirability of the live CD;
> | sometimes that might be acceptable, sometimes not. My mate William runs
> | Linux, just not Fedora. If he wanted it at all, he'd want the lot.
> By the "want the lot" do you mean everything? That takes either 3 DVDs or
> 2 DL DVDs or 17 CDs.   ;-)  Fedora Unity has that but I don't think that
> they are bootable. And they do not contain the many updates amde since
> release.

Umm. For the moment I'm considering one DVD image. My generosity might 
founder at the thought of 17 CDs"-)

> Simple DVD+R burners can be had for less than $30.00 USD. DVD readers for
> less than $20.00 USD. You used the term 'mate' So I gather that you are in
> Australia or England? The currencies are close in value between Australia
> and the US so it would only be slightly more in Australia dollars. Just
> about the same price in English Pounds. Provided, of course, that the
> units are valued the same.

For a reason I don't comprehend, the US economy founders, and our dollar 
depreciates against the greenback. US interest rates are in freefall, 
ours going up to counter inflation.

> Since DVDs have been around for a little over ten years perhaps your
> friend should consider a hardware upgrade?

Whether he should or not hasn't much to do with the point.



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