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>On Jan 23, 2008 9:04 AM, Dan Track <dan.track at> wrote:
> > let me know if its possible and point me to somewhere.
> >
> > Basically I'd like to configure sendmail in such a way that for a
> > particular domain e.g it sends all mail to server1 however
> > for user joe at I want his mail to be sent directly to
> > server2.
>The documentation you're looking for is in
>/usr/share/sendmail-cf/README *after* you install the sendmail-cf
>Since it's been a few years since I last tackled a problem similar to
>this, I don't know the answer off the top of my head.  It will involve
>specifying a sendmail map of some sort and then adding the mapping
>rules you mention.

Have a look at mailertable option:

'mailertable' in Sendmail. This sendmail option allows you to specify 
destination servers for specific mail domains (great for acting as a 
second MX host). This is better for mail routing than 
virtusertable.  The mailertable file can be used to direct mail for 
particular domains to specific hosts. To enable this feature, set the 
following in your and rebuild


The should result in a that contains a Kmailertable line 
listing the path to the mailertable file plus some ruleset code.

See also:


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