Reducing the Size of Startup text

Martin Marques martin at
Mon Jan 28 01:01:18 UTC 2008

Cameron Simpson escribió:
> On 27Jan2008 19:28, Greg Sieranski <greg.sieranski at> wrote:
>> Currently on my Thinkpad t60p when I start up my laptop the system messages 
>> font is to large and runs off the screen. I know there is a way to add an 
>> attribute to the grub.conf file to reduce the size but I forget what the 
>> options are. Can someone tell me how to reduce the font size or point me in 
>> the direction of some info for this issue?
> I have "vga=834" added to my kernel line on my T42p. I have a 1400x1050
> pixel screen.

Is there a place where one can get what vga=xxx means in horizontal by 
vertical pixel definition?

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