Wireless (again)

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Mon Jan 28 04:06:36 UTC 2008

max wrote:

> Useful no doubt, but no answer to the question that was actually raised,
> which was how one could find the chipset in a WiFi device.

> Try looking at the wifi(wireless) card. I mean take it in your hand and
> look at it. Do you notice anything?

I have two PCMCIA WiFi cards in my hand.
One is named "Orinoco Gold" and the other "Vivanco WLAN PCC 54".
I notice two things about them:

1) Neither has any mention of the chipset it contains

2) Neither has any obvious way of seeing what is in the card,
short of destroying it.

What did you think I would notice, as a matter of interest?

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