request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c

Reik Red reikred at
Mon Jan 28 23:08:01 UTC 2008

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Reik Red wrote:
>> Mikkel,
>> Sorry, our emails crossed. Would it make sense to use "prefer same 
>> drive first match"
>> instead of "last match" as the default choice in the case of duplicate 
>> labels?
>> To answer your question from the intermediate email: Yes, f8=64bit, so 
>> it probably would have
>> worked even if it mounted LABEL=/ from /dev/sdc, but as seen from the 
>> above, the LABEL=/1 already
>> saves the situation before it gets that far.
>> There is even an Anaconda tie-in here, because I recall that Anaconda 
>> chose the /usr1 (et al)
>> labels because I had another drive attached while installing, and that 
>> drive used LABEL=/usr
>> already. It gets complicated!
>> I think "prefer same drive first match" would be the most robust method,
>> but I'm as you can see far from an expert on this topic.
>> What is your opinion?
>> Thanks
>> Reik
> Yes, the installer will pick different labels if the default ones are in 
> use. It would be better is the labels from the boot drive had preference 
> when duplicates are found. I suspect the current behavior is because the 
> programmer did not expect to find duplicate labels, and the ones found 
> later overwrite the earlier ones. But this is only a guess on my part.
> One way out of this would be to re-label the partitions, and then edit 
> grub.conf and fstab to match. I like descriptive labels. Something like 
> /-F732, /-F764, boot-F732, boot-F764. Just remember that when you are 
> dealing with labels, that /boot is not the same as boot. So if you use a 
> label of boot-F732 then you need to use LABEL=boot-F732. I only have 32 
> bit installs, so I use labels like /-F7 and boot-F7. You may find 
> something like boot-F7-32 works better for you. You are limited to 16 
> character labels.
> Mikkel


I hacked the labels by attaching sdc post-boot with a usb2ide gizmo,
so now I have a workaround.

Do you have any suggestions on where to shop the idea of
"prefer same drive first match" for the label search?


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