necessary dependency for scim-lang RPMs?

Jens Petersen petersen at
Tue Jan 29 11:16:17 UTC 2008

> $ rpm -qpR scim-lang-bengali-1.4.7-8.fc9.x86_64.rpm
> /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/immodules/
> /usr/lib64/gtk-2.0/immodules/

> -- According to that ticket, it is
> like that on purpose.

Yes thanks, that's right.  It is basically a hack to make sure there is 
multilib parity for the immodules. I suppose it may be a minor annoyance 
for people who do not want multilib - but with the current limitations 
of yum and rpm I don't know a better way of insuring both get installed. 
  Anyway people who don't want multilib can "yum remove gtk2.i386" 
(including scim-lang-* and other dependent packages), and scim should 
continue to work fine.


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