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John Summerfield debian at
Wed Jan 30 22:40:01 UTC 2008

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Alessandro Brezzi wrote:
>> Good bye Karl, this is your personal opinion. After testing for a long 
>> time both Ubuntu and Fedora I personally stay in Fedora for the 
>> superior  hardware recognition. Have you tried to change a Video Card 
>> or monitor in Ubuntu? Have you never extracted your Ubuntu HD and put 
>> in a different HW (different MoBo, different Processor, different 
>> Video Card etc)?
> Moving your disk isn't going to work in fedora either without a lot of 
> contortions if your new disk controller needs a different driver.
It isn't?

I've done it on RHL 7.x (and before) and Debian. I don't see why it 
wouldn't work with the latest Fedora or with Ubuntu.



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