Wine 1 and Office 2003?

Jeffrey Ross jeff at
Thu Jul 10 23:05:59 UTC 2008

> I don't use any office suite for more than the basics. What kind of 
> differences keep you using M$ Office vs. open office? Is it some 
> missing functionality or just compatibility issues? In my somewhat 
> limited use of things like spreadsheets, word-processor, etc I haven't 
> noticed any significant difference. I haven't had any issues opening  
> M$ office files with open office but again my needs are pretty basic, 
> maybe with really complex spreadsheets there is a problem? I haven't 
> tried anything with M$Office 2007 docs.  I'd appreciate being 
> enlightened on the topic if anyone can spare me an explanation.
> Max

I'm somewhat in the same boat, I can use OpenOffice for everything I do 
at work that requires M$ Word/Excel etc, however there is one 
application I need under WindoZe that I can't use under Linux, and its 
the only reason I do not convert my work system from WindoZe.  I need 
Microsoft Outlook and the group that runs the Exchange servers will not 
enable IMAP on the Exchange servers.

Everything else I do at work is easier accomplished under Linux/Unix.

Is there a replacement that will work with Exchange? or is there a 
reasonable way to get Outlook to work under Linux?

Thanks, Jeff

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