Minor GNOME and KDE menu annoyance

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jul 20 15:21:51 UTC 2008

>> I always found the KDE menus to be quite a mess, so that was another
>> nail in the coffin for me using KDE.

Patrick O'Callaghan:
> A total mess actually. However KDE4 is much better, and among other
> goodies has the huge advantage of letting you search in the menu system
> so you don't have to remember where everything is.

To me, having to open something then search for something is a really
tedious work around to having well organised menus, in the first place.

  graphics - image viewer
  sound & video - VLC media player

No click navigate, click navigate, click navigate...  
Nor, click, navigate, navigate, navigate, send out the search party...
Nor, click, navigate, wait, start typing, wait...
Nor, click in the box, start typing...

Mousing's bad enough, without having to pick up the mouse to do start to
do something that requires going back to using the keyboard.

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