Can't get Linksys Wireless WUB54G working

Paulo Cavalcanti promac at
Mon Jul 21 11:31:24 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 8:12 PM, Jim <mickeyboa at> wrote:

> Jim wrote:
>> Fedora 8 i386 Linksys WUSB54G wireless 1915:2234 Prism
>> chipset.
>> This WUSB54G worked on another FC8 box but I can't get it to work on this
>> FC8 box, I Installed ndiswrapper and installed the WUSB54G.INF on Windows CD
>> and I blacklisted p54usb and p54common that was loading after bootup.
>> In Adminstration > Network a prism54 - Wireless - wlan0 - configured shows
>> up, but I can't activate it If I try to probe MAC address it comes up with a
>> "No such device"
> I found that ndiswrapper wasn't loading, did a /sbin/modprobe ndiswrapper
> and got this in /var/log/messages, any ideals ?
> Also got this message and computer locked up:
> "Listening on device /dev/pts/1" Message from syslogd at local host , Kernel:
> disabling IRQ#19
It should work out of the box. You should not need ndiswrapper for it, I
I have one of those, but never tried it on Linux.

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
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