Problems ejecting cd/dvd media on F9

g geleem at
Tue Jul 22 01:54:35 UTC 2008

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> I don't understand why.  There are very *few* updates that require a 

my old habits are hard to break. but i am not an old dog in my habits.

> I find it helps the learning process.

what it is all about.

> I usually try and upgrade, usually through yum first, and if that fail, 
> make it clearer to us poor users.

even tho i now have a good system and with yum, i still feel more at
ease with fresh install, and why i always have partitions set up, with
a home partition, so i can have an old and new installation available.

this way, should something be wrong wrong with new, i can always drop
back to old that was working. a lot quicker than having to backup first
and then reinstall if there are problems. it has saved my butt more than
once and i do believe in syoa [save your own ass].

> And when my upgrade doesn't work, I end up with an even better idea of 
> how things work (or don't work as may be the case).   B^)

and what do you do to stay operational? if you trash an install with
an upgrade then you are either taking time out to install your backup,
if you have one, or you are fighting to find out what is wrong with

> I didn't think kids today wore either....    B^)

a lot of kids do not. some because they think it is keen or kool to have
their butt showing, others hoping someone will yank them down. too many
of them are like baboons.

> I've always thought of myself as the plumber who wears a belt.

any thing for a laugh, huh? very few women worth having care for
a 'fat ass', unless they are too.

me, i enjoy a break on bottom, but i do not care to get squashed. ;o)




in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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