FC 7 booting problem

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Tue Jul 22 20:03:52 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-22 at 10:45 -0700, Rick Stevens wrote:
> >    I installed Fedora 7 sucessfully and using it very well , but after I
> >    installed windows XP boot loader options for FC7 disappered, although
> >    linux drives are still present as it is. Also on windows xp I have already
> >    activated list of operating systems visible for 20 seconds. But it did not
> >    work. should I have to install FC7 again. Please give opinion/recommendataions.
> Windows assumes it owns the system and will overwrite any existing boot
> loader when it installs (the arrogance of that still astonishes me).
> For that reason, if you're ever going to have a dual-boot system install
> Winblows FIRST, reserving unused disk space for the Linux installation.
> You can then install Linux in the unused disk area.  Linux does
> recognize that there are other OSes on the disk and will make
> allowances.
> However, to get past your problem:
> 1. Boot from the Linux CD/DVD in recovery mode (enter "linux recover"
> at the "boot:" prompt from the CD/DVD).
> 2. At the shell prompt, enter "chroot /mnt/sysimage"
> 3. At the next shell prompt, enter "grub-install /dev/hda" (or use
> "/dev/sda" or whatever your boot drive is).
> 4. Enter "exit" to exit the chroot environment.
> 5. Enter "exit" a second time to reboot the system.
> 6. Pop the CD/DVD out and let the system reboot.  Grub should appear
> again.
> Note that you may not have an entry for the Windows boot in grub.  If
> not, boot in Linux and edit the /boot/grub/grub.conf file.  Add the
> following lines to the END of that file:
> 	title Windows
> 		rootnoverify (hd0,0)
> 		chainloader +1
> You need to change the ",0" part of "(hd0,0)" to reflect which
> partition the Windows system uses on the drive.  If it's the
> third partition, then it's "(hd0,2)" (partitions are numbered
> from 0 in grub, NOT 1).
it is worth noting that it is entirely possible to boot Linux by editing
C:\boot.ini as well. Many examples of this are available by searching
via Google.


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