Adding Drivers to the Live CD.

Nathan Woodruff nathan.woodruff at
Thu Jul 24 15:15:21 UTC 2008

I have a U2 server running Fedora. It has 4 500GB drives on an Adaptec SATA
Raid 2420SA card. Last week we had a power failure over night. The UPS's ran
for about 2 hours and then POOF no power.  None of us even though about
checking on the servers that night. When our company finally got power the
next morning, the Fedora server would not boot completely.


It runs the usual list of things that are okay and one or two that Failed.
But it comes to a blank line and halts. I can't get a bash prompt.


This server has some data we need to get off before we reformat the entire
thing and start again. 


I've downloaded the Live CD and booted it but it doesn't recognize our
drives. I would take the drives out and read them individually but the 4
drives have been raided into one large drive and would be useless trying to
read each individual drive.


I need to add Adaptec's driver to the Live CD to be able to recover this
data. But every tool that I have available to me can not read the .IMG files
on the Live CD in order to add Adaptec's Raid driver.


Any help???




Nathan Woodruff

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