SElinux concerning symlink?

Craig White craigwhite at
Thu Jul 24 22:40:38 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 22:13 +0000, Mike wrote:
> Craig White <craigwhite <at>> writes:
> > No - you really need a better solution because if anything/anyone
> > relabels, the current policy will trash those settings.
> > 
> > Personally, I think you should probably mount what is /opt as /home and
> > that would fix most issues.
> It would - but that would mean quite a bit of work - for next time round (F10)
> I may then need to re-partition to give separate /home and /opt partitions
> and then rsync files into them from backups.
> Doing this adds a lot to the upgrade process over a reasonable number of
> machines.
> Also I will be doing another change which looks like it will cause SELinux
> issues since I move imap mail from the root partition into /opt so that on
> upgrade I still have all past mail available.
> Upgrading is a lot easier if /var/spool/mail can be moved out of the root
> partition and stored elsewhere.
> That will be another story - !!
my thinking is that if this is a main server - which it sounds like it
is, it would make sense to get it set up properly.

Also, since you said you are using LVM, it's easy enough to shrink
existing partitions to make new partitions so you could have
separate /home and /opt and /var/spool/mail partitions (though I'd
recommend using cyrus-imapd as your mail server but that's another


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