stop kernel messages from splashing on the console

Roger Heflin rogerheflin at
Mon Jul 28 22:08:29 UTC 2008

Vikram Goyal wrote:
> Hello,
> I am getting these kernel messages on the consoles which I want to avoid
> as many times I have to login through them as the system runs in level
> 3.
> I have edited the /etc/syslog.conf as:
> #kern.*               /dev/console
> kern.*                /var/log/kern_messages
> # Everybody gets emergency messages
> #*.emerg              *
> *.emerg               /var/log/kern_messages
> Still the messages are getting splashed on to the ttys.
> The messages are:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Jul 27 04:04:55 smcindiaonline kernel: EDAC MC0: CE - no information
> available: e7xxx CE log register overflow
> Jul 27 04:04:56 smcindiaonline kernel: EDAC MC0: CE page 0x7e9eb, offset
> 0x0, grain 4096, syndrome 0x8304, row 2,channel 1, label "": e7xxx CE
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> What other tweaks need to done to avoid these?

You could replace the memory that is generating the errors, this error is 
indicating that your memory is having severe errors.

Or you could just rmmod the edac modules since you are ignoring the errors.

There are a number of things in  /sys/module/edac_core/parameters/ the most 
important being edac_mc_log_ce which would turn things off without rmmod'ing the 
module, but if one is ignoring the errors, the you might as well turn off the 

 From the man pages it is not clear to me if syslog actually handles the 
internal kernel messages going to the console, there is also klogd, and I know 
internal messages still make it to the console even when userspace is screwed up 
badly, so I would suspect that the klogd thread in the kernel is handling it.


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