Fedora 9, installed, but no desktop

whoosh whoosh777 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jul 31 15:13:38 UTC 2008

On 30-Jul-08 22:35:16 Nigel Henry wrote:
>On Wednesday 30 July 2008 22:03, whoosh wrote:
>> I have Fedora 9 now installed. Had to do some rearranging
>> of drives.
>> with Fedora Core 3 the boot up led to a choice
>> of desktops.
>> but with Fedora 9 on booting up there is no desktop.
>> How can I get the different desktops that FC3  has?
>> thanks for any ideas

>OK. Even though I've got all the Fedora 9 cd iso's downloaded, and burned, 
>apart from knowing that disk 1 boots, Fedora 9 isn't installed yet, so I am 
>to say the least a bit in the dark.

I decided to install via the DVD iso that way I dont have the problem

of trying to figure out how/when to insert which CD!

>What choices did you make for packages to install during the installation?

I think I installed EVERYTHING, I allocated about 25G space for the install,

>I use KDE, so always choose KDE, along with the default Gnome.

>When you say there is no desktop, what exactly do you have? 

its just an 80x25 text screen, no windowing, it says:


Fedora release 9 (Sulphur)

Kernel 2.6.25-14.fc9.x86_64 on an x86_64 (tty1)

localhost login: root


Last login: Thu Jul 31 16:43:04 on tty1

[root at localhost ~]# _


nothing else on the screen, no windowing.

I tried ctrl-F7 which the other person suggested, but no effect.

>When you boot up 
>do you get the GDM login splashscreen, where you can login for example to 
>Gnome as default, or via the session button to KDE.

no options, just the above ascii login. its not like FC3 where there is 
proper gfx.

>Ok. Exactly what do you see when you bootup? Do you get as far as the GDM 
>login screen? 

rebooting just now (emailing from a different PC)

I get to the GNU GRUB screen, 

Fedora (2.6.25-14.fc9.x86_64)

I press a to edit:

grub append> ro root=UUID=8538dcc6-b610-4ec1-a6ab-26807f087478 acpi=off

no changes press return, lots of ascii scrolls up the screen.

pauses at:

Starting udev:

eventually continues, no internet connected as that is connected to this other

I then reach the ascii login I gave earlier in the email.

>Or is everything locked up, 


>or do you just have a text mode 
>login prompt?


I can login, but its all ascii. no gfx

>Did you do as I suggested, and boot post-install, appending the kernel line

>Grubs menu with acpi=off.

I opted for that somewhere during the install, 

> To do this when you bootup, look for a mention of 
>Grub, and press any old key. Grubs menu is often hidden, and pressing a key, 
>any key will display it. Now press E, Don't take too long as the default 
>timeout is 5 secs. Use the down arrow on the keyboard, and move down 1 place 
>to the kernel line, press E again. Now add acpi=off to the kernel line, and 
>perhaps before doing that use the backspace key to remove the rgb quiet bit 
>from the end of the kernel line, then when you boot, you can see what's going

>on. So far so good. You've removed the rgb quiet, and added acpi=off, with a 
>space before adding acpi=off on the kernel line. Now press Enter, followed by

>pressing the B key. B is for boot, and I'd suggest a prayer or 2, and just 
>maybe you will arrive at the GDM login splashscreen.

I have no idea at all what GDM is.

>Post back, as it would be nice to see the problem resolved.

>All the best.

>Nigel. having lost the plot a bit.

>I'll try to install the 32 bit (i386) version of Fedora 9 on this machine in 
>the next day or so, 

I decided to go for the DVD iso for 64 bit F9, there are a lot of CD's
and it looks too scary

>but at the mo, am updating Archlinux, with a transition 
>from KDE3.5 to KDE4, some 643.38MB. Not a bunch of fun on dialup, but I may 
>suspend it to see how the Fedora 9 install goes.

get broadband! its cheaper despite being more expensive:

when I used pay as you use dialup, 1.5p per minute my bills were 70 quid a

I then went for unlimited dialup at about 14 quid a month.

but I couldnt download the FC3 isos for that, as the connection would break

about 8 hours! and it needed several hours more than 8!

I then went for cheap broadband at 18 quid. That extra 4 quid a month is well

it in terms of time saved eg emails arrive in a few seconds. 

It probably saves me 3 hours a day, time is money, and the small extra cost

save you 100 hours each month.

For downloading the isos I get about 250K per second when conditions are good,
which is about 43 minutes for an iso.  And maybe 125K when conditions are bad.

(I think it must be 2Mbits per second, which is 250K)

4 seconds per 1MB, 

10MB in 40 seconds

100MB in 6 minutes.

and this is slowest possible broadband.

broadband companies often insist on a 1 year minimum contract, dont worry

that as you will never revert back to dialup.

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