What to call software adder/remover??

Beartooth Beartooth at swva.net
Mon Jun 2 18:13:18 UTC 2008

	I've just filed a bug report on something whose very name seems 
to be a problem : gpk? gpk-application? Or what?

	Those two are what you see if you right-click the launcher and 
then click Properties. But rpm -q against them comes back "not installed."

	The launcher, is naturally enough, the one that pirut had up 
through F8 : a CD or DVD in front of an open, apparently empty cardboard 

	Through yesterday, it was launching an app that did indeed let me 
add and remove software.

	Clicking it got a window asking for root's password, and then 
opened the app -- all as expected.

	Today it popped up an undersized window, too briefly to tell  
whether it was a password request -- and them bugbuddy popped one up, 
saying it didn't know the app. I let it save its great long report (which 
seems to concern mainly some 164 "modules," whatever those are) to my 
desktop; it calls itself gpk-application-bugreport.txt.

	But on going to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/relogin.cgi (where I 
filed report 449453), I failed to find the name gpk, alone or with suffix.

	The failure may be mine -- all the more likely inasmuch as I also 
failed to see a way to attach the bugbuddy report, other than by copying 
and pasting it.

	What should I have looked under?? 

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