Logwatch report on another machine?

Frederick William New Frederick-William.New at MicroLink.ee
Wed Jun 4 08:51:13 UTC 2008

On 4. juuni 2008. a. 2:56, Timothy Murphy wrote
> How can I get the logwatch report on one machine (helen.gayleard.com)
> sent to another machine (alfred.gayleard.com) on the same LAN?
> I tried editing /etc/aliases on the first machine,
> changing the last line to
>         root:           tim at alfred.gayleard.com
> (and running newaliases) but this did not do the trick.
> I also tried adding MAILER(local) in sendmail.mc on helen
> (and restarting sendmail), but this appeared to have no effect.
> I'm not sure what MAILER(local) means?
> It seems to be more difficult than I thought
> to send email from one machine on a LAN to another.
> Is there some line I could add to sendmail.mc which would enable this?

On my network, I also need to set SMART_HOST in sendmail.mc to the mail relay host provided by my ISP.

Fred New
Systems Administrator
AS MicroLink Eesti
Tallinn, Estonia

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