Not a Newbie question -- cleaning out printer queues ??

William Case billlinux at
Wed Jun 4 14:54:36 UTC 2008


This has been annoying me for a long time.  How do I absolutely and
certainly clean out all printing queues and buffers after I have botched
a printing job?

Case in point:

Yesterday I started to print an SVG graphics file I had created in
Inkscape.  Immediately after I pressed the print button, I saw a glaring
mistake I wanted to fix.  The printer hadn't started to print yet so I
cancelled the job using the print thingie in the Notification Area.  My
printer ground to a halt -- a good thing.  Made my changes to the
graphic but nothing would print after that.  I then did the usual
impatient things -- 2-or-3 more print tries; a test page; a text page
test; turned the printer on and off a couple of times but no joy. I then
used the printer thingie to cancel all jobs.

I re-booted into WindowsXp; tried the printer; it worked fine; double
checked ink levels. I shut the computer down; turned the printer off and
on; and re-booted to Fedora. Immediately on re-loading Fedora my
printer, printed an ink and paper wasting 1/2 of my original graphic and
a test page.  It worked fine after that.

Sorry for the long description of my attempts to get my printer going,
but I wanted to show something we have all seen and done, I am sure.

So my question is, on behalf of all frustrated printer users, after
botching/stopping a print job; how do you make absolutely certain that
all queues and buffers in the operating system and printer are cleaned
out so that you can start afresh?

I am using an HP Photosmart C4200 All-in-One printer, but my question
really applies to all printers.  All the nice neat manual answers seem
to apply only to nice neat orderly print cancellations; not to a rushed
slightly panicked, STOP THE PRESSES.  

Regards Bill
Fedora 8, Gnome 2.20.3, 
Emacs 22.1.1, Evolution 2.12.3

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