Logwatch report on another machine?

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Thu Jun 5 12:52:39 UTC 2008

Tim wrote:

>> Maybe I shouldn't
>>         define(`SMART_HOST', `smtp.eircom.net')dnl
> If you have a properly set up local DNS and mail system, then your
> internal mail will be handled all internally, and mail that goes to
> outside addresses will be relayed from your SMTP server to the ISP's.
> That's the "smart" part about it - it working out what's internal or
> external, and routing things accordingly.

I think that is exactly my problem -
sendmail is not distinguishing properly between internal and external mail.

I have been looking at various sendmail tutorials and howtos,
but the problem with these is that they use the word "local" ambiguously,
and it is not clear whether they mean "other users on the same machine"
or "other machines on the same LAN".

> Use a different sub-domain for local addresses than external ones, if
> each machine doesn't have real public addresses that are externally
> accessible.
>  e.g. If you own example.com, and use it publicly, then use something
>       like lan.example.com for your LAN addressing.
> Trying to use invented names and mixing them up with the real public
> internet is a recipe for disaster.  Make sure internal names are not the
> same as ones used outside.
> Have a local DNS server that resolves all machine names in both
> directions.
>   e.g. mail.lan.example.com resolves to
>        and resolves to mail.lan.example.com
> Have a proper MX record in your local domain records.
>  e.g. MX 1 mail.example.com
> Avoid playing silly games with putting machine hostnames into the
> localhost configuration lines in /etc/hosts.

I read what you say, but I am not convinced that
this is the cause of the problem.
I cannot send email from helen to tim at alfred ,
whether or not I have " alfred alfred.gayleard.com", etc,
in /etc/hosts or just " alfred".

I own the domain "gayleard.com".
I have found there are some advantages in calling my machines
helen.gayleard.com, alfred.gayleard.com, etc,
even though these are not accessible from the internet.
(Actually, my shorewall setting only allow my main server, helen,
to be accessed from the network.
and only allows http access and a couple of other ports.)

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