howto use curl to get Internet IP

Jim mickeyboa at
Fri Jun 6 23:31:43 UTC 2008

max wrote:
> Jim wrote:
>> Dave Burns wrote:
>>> On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 7:48 AM, Jim <mickeyboa at> wrote:
>>>> I want to use  curl to get my Internet IP address, and getting it to
>>>> ddclirent.
>>>> Using and to get my IP for ddclient, isn't 
>>>> working
>>>> out, they shutout  ddclient  after  awhile from getting my Internet 
>>>> IP  to
>>>> send to .
>>>> I understand curl can get the Internet IP for ddclient, does anyone 
>>>> know of
>>>> a  HowTo to show me how to do this ?
>>> 1) if you insist on this approach, here's a hint:curl -o - 
>>> 2>/dev/null|grep 128
>>> Replace 128 with some part of your IP number that you're confident
>>> will not change. In the example, I used the left 3 digits of my IP
>>> number. Use sed or awk to scrape off the crud that wget will spew out
>>> along with the IP number.
>>> 2) why not just use /sbin/ifconfig -a? Your machine knows its own IP
>>> number as well or better than
>>> 3) why not man curl? That is, read the man page of the command you are
>>> asking about. You don't sound like you've even tried to do your
>>> homework.
>>> Dave
>> What approach would you suggest that is better to use ?
>> I have a DSL AP 2Wire783 in front of my  computer that does not have 
>> the capability of giving me the Internet IP.
> You sure about that? I'll admit I have only used about 4 or 5 
> different dsl modems but all of them could be put in bridging mode.
You are correct, it is in the bridge mode , but I can only get  ddclient 
to get internal IP  192.168. etc, not Internet IP.

Below is my ddclient.conf.

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