Silicon Image sata pc card sil3512a

Robert Karge rkargeconsulting at
Mon Jun 9 22:00:31 UTC 2008


I'm running Fedora 8 on a 32bit Intel processor and I love it.

I recently purchased the pc card noted in the subject and Fedora found it
and with two 500Gb drives it worked flawlessly.
I setup Raid and once again perfection.  Shortly after that one of the 500s,
which was a recent purchase, failed and the only replacement available at
the time was a 750Gb.

That drive will not work or be recognized by the pc sata card and locks the
card up when both 500 and 750 are connected together.  I began a search for
the one page doc that came with the card but of course being a good techie I
had thrown it away.

Could someone give me some help rectifying my problem?


Bob Karge
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