Seems I have some real problems....

Daniel B. Thurman dant at
Mon Jun 16 22:29:00 UTC 2008

1) I am no longer able to receive consistent replies from Fedora-List,
    just "bits and pieces" of replies from various users but almost none
    from those who have responded to my postings.  I had posted a question
    earlier regarding MythTV for example, and I found users have replied 
    searching on Fedora-List web-sites. I am not sure where to look in 
    down and fixing this problem.  Please advise.

2) As for Craig White, who did respond to my MythTV question, he
    says that I should not use livna and to remove all livna installs and
    to use only atrpms repository.  My question to Craig is, how do I find
    and remove all livna installs?  I tried to use: rpm -qa | grep livna 
    does not list all installs by livna repo. Please advise.


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