F9 install : can't get X to work

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Tue Jun 17 02:27:19 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-17 at 02:15 +0000, Beartooth wrote:
> 	I have a problem with installing F9, which I think can't be 
> hardware.
>         I'm trying to shift my #1 machine over from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9.
> I got it out from behind the KVM switch, and did the install with direct
> connections to the peripherals, so that it could negotiate with them any
> way it needed. This worked fine with my #2.
>         #1, after what seemed a normal upgrade, however, is so far off
> that I just get a brief little box on the monitor saying "Input signal 
> out of range. Change settings to 1680x1050 - 60 Hz" (which I think comes 
> from the monitor).
>         With RIPLinuX, I can edit what seems to be the machine's own
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf (not RIPLinux's -- I hope and believe). I've tried 
> that a couple ways, trying to clone what #2 (running F9) and #3 (running 
> F8) have -- the hard way, from behind the KVM switch.
>         I would much rather ssh into #1, or simply scp a config file
> over. But, although RIPLinux will make #1 connect to the router, it then
> refuses ssh and scp from the rest of the LAN.
>         Nor have I yet managed to get it to boot from its own hard drive
> into init3. I can hit "I" for the interactive boot, but no matter how 
> fast I type init3, it still goes to that promptless demand from the 
> monitor. 
>         With RIPLinux, if it gets to its useless, promptless display, I
> can hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to get a root prompt; but with the machine
> booted from the hard drive, that fails.
>         #1 machine did fine with this  monitor (an HP w2207h), twice, 
> running F8 both times; so do #2 and #3, albeit without actually using 
> 1680x1050. (They think it's 1280x1024, and one of them uses 1440x900 
> under that (!), but it's close enough for the monitor itself to 
> accommodate the difference by stretching.
edit the grub boot (press 'e') and then edit the 'kernel' line by adding
'3' at the end to boot in runlevel 3

I would probably recommend that you simply run 'system-config-display


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