Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10? I want it too !

David Boles dgboles at
Sun Jun 22 02:45:05 UTC 2008

Craig White wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-06-21 at 20:28 -0400, Matthew Saltzman wrote:
>> On Sat, 2008-06-21 at 23:24 +0000, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>>> Craig White <craigwhite <at>> writes:
>>>> People who do software development wouldn't care whether it's KDE 3.5 or
>>>> KDE 4
>>> Actually they'll want KDE 4. Who wants to develop against an obsolete API?
>> KDE developers, sure.  There's other software in the world than
>> GUI-based desktop apps.
> ----
> and it was this class that I was referring to.
> people who develop software can maneuver around little things that are
> missing or don't seem to work properly.
> the issue of unleashing KDE-4 on less technically skilled, un-savvy
> computer users is something that I'm still balking at but I'm not
> complaining...just noting. I have no choice because I am dealing with a
> bunch of users that save files to their desktop and drag them where they
> want them and simply do not understand file-save dialog boxes and how to
> move around in them.

That sounds like quite a task.



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