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g geleem at
Mon Jun 23 20:49:55 UTC 2008

Nifty Hat Mitch wrote:
> Closer to Redhat Enterprise Linux is CentOS.

my concern is primarily a stable system. redhat is a preference.

> If you are developing a product for internal use or sale to the world,
> work and test with RHEL (redhat) directly where you can.

quite a few of my clients are using rhel where they can. due to how some
have set up from start with commercial and private software running under
oos, it is not possible to get full change over.

as for use in what i do, most of it is closed systems and output display
is with generic linux. that is, primarily what is used is port i/o. not
a bunch of libs to support games, hi res graphics, office progs and such.
in a word, 'embedded'.

thanks for your reply.




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