Sagem Fast 800 E3 usb modem and Fedora 8

Jim mickeyboa at
Sun Jun 29 00:43:57 UTC 2008

Frank Cox wrote:
> My wife is currently visiting her family in Mauritius, and has taken her laptop
> along with her.  Her laptop runs Fedora 8 and I have set up network manager on
> it so it will automatically grab any available Internet connection without any
> further action required on her part.  This works fine here, both with a
> wireless and a wired connection.  Switch on, blammo!  Connection established,
> done deal.
> However, she advises me that the connection at her mother's house uses a Sagem
> Fast 800 E3 modem that has only a usb connection, and when she plugs it into a
> usb port on her laptop nothing happens.  (On the actual modem, the word Fast is
> written as F at st.)
> A bit of Google searching tells me that this modem is based on the Eagle
> chipset (whatever that is) and that there are apparently Linux drivers available
> for this thing, somewhere.  Making things more interesting, it appears that
> this Sagem is a French outfit, and most of the documentation that I can find is
> written in French.
> So....
> Is there an easy way to make this modem work with Fedora 8?  My wife is by no
> means a "techie"; she just uses whatever software I provide for her, and there
> is no way in the world that she will be able to compile a kernel module on her
> own, or anything like that.
> "yum search sagem" gives me no results, and "yum search eagle" gives me nothing
> relevant.  I'm pretty sure I could call her on the phone and talk her through a
> "yum install whatever" and reboot, but I have no idea what I should tell her to
> install.
> I hate to have to tell her that she hauled her laptop all the way from here to
> Mauritius for nothing, but I'm starting to think that's the situation.
> Any suggestions are welcome.
Check these two sites , there is a driver for Linux for the Sagem Fast 
800 E3 usb modem.

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