booting an external disk via grub

Markus Kesaromous remotestar at
Sat Mar 1 04:02:02 UTC 2008

Since my bios does not support booting from a USB stick,
how can I modify my grub, so that it will boot from memory stick.
My main internal (laptop) drive has 1indows in partition 1
and Fedora 7 in partition 2. Grub  lets me select either linux
or windows. But any external bootable device connected
to the laptop either via usb or sata (cardbus) is totally invisible
to bios and to grub.
So, my question to the list is: What should be added to grub
menus so that it can boot from external device?
Could someone show a grub entry example of booting
an external device that is invisible to BIOS?
What about the OS on the external disk that we are trying to boot?
Is there something that needs to be done to it so that the id
it assigns to itself is same as that assigned to it by grub?
(i.e such as hd0 or hd1, ...etc).

Thanx for your help.
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