Cups doesn't end print jobs.

John Thompson john at
Sun Mar 2 18:33:25 UTC 2008

On 2008-02-28, Tim Waugh <twaugh at> wrote:

> On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 16:17 -0600, John Thompson wrote:
>> I'm running Fedora8 x86-64 with cups-1.3.6-2fc8 and print to an Epson
>> C88 printer attached to an EpsonNet print server. Other machines on my
>> home network (Vista, slackware, FreeBSD) can print just fine with this
>> setup, but for some reason on the Fedora8 machine print jobs are never
>> removed from the queue after the print job completes. The job just sits
>> there as "active" (even though the entire document has printed), and
>> blocks subsequent print jobs until I manually "lprm" the job. Then the
>> next job prints, and again sits there until I lprm that job, and so on.
>> Cups is configured identically on my slackware machine but on that
>> machine the jobs are removed properly.
>> What should I be looking for to fix this?

> Sounds like a problem with the CUPS 'socket' backend.  Turn up the
> debugging level with 'cupsctl --debug-logging', submit a print job, and
> take a look in /var/log/cups/error_log.  Perhaps the backend gives some
> clue about what it's up to.

Here's what the cups error-log shows when I print a test page:

I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:08 -0600] Started 
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=10436)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] Started 
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=10437)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] [Job 10] Adding start banner page "none".
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] [Job 10] Adding job file of type 
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] [Job 10] Adding end banner page "none".
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] [Job 10] Queued on "EC88" by "anonymous".
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] [Job 10] Started filter 
/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstops (PID 10438)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] [Job 10] Started filter 
/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip (PID 10439)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:15 -0600] [Job 10] Started backend 
/usr/lib/cups/backend/http (PID 10440)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:17 -0600] Started 
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=10450)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:27 -0600] Started 
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=10451)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:37 -0600] Started 
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=10495)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:48 -0600] Started 
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=10498)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:55:58 -0600] Started 
"/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/printers.cgi" (pid=10499)
I [02/Mar/2008:10:56:02 -0600] Started "/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/jobs.cgi" 
I [02/Mar/2008:10:56:59 -0600] Started "/usr/lib/cups/cgi-bin/jobs.cgi" 
N [02/Mar/2008:10:57:16 -0600] [Job 10] Print file accepted - job ID 4.


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