Trouble Removing RPM's

Alan alan at
Mon Mar 3 17:54:09 UTC 2008

> On Mon, 03 Mar 2008 09:43:15 -0800 (PST)
> Alan <alan at> wrote:
>> Don't try ripping out all the 32 bit versions.  Your system will stop
>> working.
> Actually, that's not correct.  I ran a 64-bit only system here for a while
> as a
> sort of an experiment and it worked fine; everything worked great.  The
> only
> downside was that I didn't have flash or Acrobat Reader available.

It did when I tried it, but that was many versions ago. (FC2.)

> You can remove all i386 packages with this command:
> yum remove \*.i?86

I used rpm for my 32bit ripping.  It was less helpful.  The errors that I
experienced may have been fixed by now.

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