Yum Keeps Giving Error

Todd Denniston Todd.Denniston at ssa.crane.navy.mil
Mon Mar 3 19:30:32 UTC 2008

Michael Schwendt wrote, On 03/03/2008 02:05 PM:
> On Mon, 03 Mar 2008 23:56:48 +0530, Abhishek Rane wrote:

>> 100%[====================================>] 273,424 5.11K/s ETA 00:00
>> 23:50:37 (7.37 KB/s) - `primary.sqlite.bz2' saved [273424/273424]
>> [Abhishek at localhost ~]$ sha1sum primary.sqlite.bz2
>> 883464cd0b58a064878e9969f07685ce41850149 primary.sqlite.bz2
> For reasons to find out your network gives you an old file that is
> inappropriate for the served repomd.xml file. Smells like a transparent
> proxy.
>> Should i overwrite the files primary.sqlite.bz2 and repomd.xml on the 
>> previous ones stored in /var/cache/yum/livna ????
> First you need a way to retrieve the latest metadata files.

Would the wget option --no-cache do the job?

Man page says:
            Disable server-side cache.  In this case, Wget will send the remote
            server an appropriate directive (Pragma: no-cache) to get the file
            from the remote service, rather than returning the cached version.
            This is especially useful for retrieving and flushing out-of-date
            documents on proxy servers.

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