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Wed Mar 5 21:08:19 UTC 2008

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> max bianco wrote:
> > I had previously installed and removed the ati driver (from livna)
> > because it was causing some distortion on my desktop. I did not have
> > time to deal with the problem then so its been on the back burner for
> > awhile now. Just yesterday i reinstalled but nothing appears to have
> > changed. The difference is now I would like/ want to use 3d
> > acceleration. The distortion appears on the bottom of the desktop. The
> > top of my screen is reappearing over the bottom 2 or 3 inches of the
> > screen. The computer remains usable but some programs are affected more
> > than others by this phenomenon. Obviously I would like the distortion to
> > go away. I haven't seen this issue using the livna drivers with other
> > Fedora boxes but those have different video cards than this one.
> > My video card is an ATI Radeon X1800 256MB. Is there some modification
> > that can be made to xorg.conf that will fix this? Has anyone seen this
> > problem? can anyone point me to a solution? I am in the process of
> > researching a solution using google, bugzilla, and this list.  Any and
> > all responses welcome.
> >
> >
> > Max
> >
> Have you tried the latest drivers directly from ATI?
>  <>

No i had  not but i am going to. The livna driver is just the ATI driver
repackaged isn't it? I didn't think there was a substantial difference
between the two.


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