Can't get bluetooth mouse to work in Fedora 8

Mike Iglesias iglesias at
Thu Mar 6 17:50:59 UTC 2008

I just got a Dell XPS M1330 laptop, and have set it up as a dual boot with 
Vista and Fedora 8.  I have a bluetooth Dell Travel Mouse, and it works with 
Vista, but I can't get it to work with Fedora.

When I turn the mouse on, there's no indication that Fedora has seen the mouse 
so I right clicked on the bluetooth icon in the upper panel and then selected 
"Browse Device".  The display shows "Dell BT Travel Mouse" and indicates that 
it's a mouse.  I select that and then click connect.  I get this in a window:

   Couldn't display "obex://[mac addr of mouse]".
   Check if the service is available.

The input service is running for bluetooth, so I'm not sure what "service" 
needs to be available.  Is there something I should look for to make this 
mouse work?

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