Konqueror vs Firefox

Steve Lindemann steve at marmot.org
Fri Mar 7 16:40:08 UTC 2008

David Boles wrote:
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> Steve Lindemann wrote:
> | David Boles wrote:
> |> I tried your site and loaded "Soldier, militants killed in Gaza" and 
> then
> |> loaded the forty cartoons that I mentioned. I scrolled up and down the
> |> whole time that the forty sites were loading without any problems. I
> |> picked a URL from the page and reloaded all tabs. That would be 
> forty-two
> |> pages. Still no problem scrolling up and down on the original page.
> |>
> |> I am not doubting what you say  ;-)  but I don't see this problem here.
> |>
> |
> | Please don't doubt him... he isn't the only one seeing a problem.  I've
> | had the same issue across multiple windows and linux platforms.  If
> | something hangs during the page load, nothing else in Firefox will work
> | until that page finally finishes or starts loading more or less
> | normally.  While the page is loading the problem is considerably less
> | noticable, but if one page load hangs up in the least little way, then
> | the whole application hangs...  Firefox is still my browser of choice,
> | but that little quirk is more than a bit annoying.
> I was serious. I do not see what he described or what you say that you
> also have here.
> So let us compare situations. If you give me some examples I would be more
> that happy to compare results.
> There is a possibility that I just thought of and that would be
> advertisements and Flash.
> I use the extension named Adblock Plus. It blocks ads on web pages. I also
> use Flash Block which is user configurable to allow or block Flash by
> site. Do you?

good point...  I add a number of extensions that could be in play here 
(from my work desktop):
   adblock filterset.g updater
   ie tab           (m$ only)
   image zoom
   tab mix plus

The extensions installed can vary between platforms, but those are what 
I usually add on.  I also use greasemonkey (for mediawiki) but saw the 
problem before I started using it.

I wish I could provide an example of the problem, but I see it randomly 
and (thankfully) infrequently.

As for the original question - I'd vote for Firefox over Konqueror.  But 
that is strickly personal opinion, it suites me.  I don't have hard 
facts or objective opinion in this case, just subjective preference. 
...and when you get right down to it, that's usually what it boils down 
to.  8^)

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