Konqueror vs Firefox

David Boles dgboles at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 17:57:50 UTC 2008

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>> David Boles wrote:
>>>> Arthur - see if this makes any difference with Firefox for you. I 
>>>> does for me.
>>>> Try a site first to compare to later. Then, as 'root' edit  
>>>> /etc/profile
>>>> add this
>>>> export MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1
>>>> It can be anywhere but I put it just under the original export line. 
>>>> save and close.
>>> Wouldn't it be better to put it in a file in /etc/profile.d? That 
>>> way, it would survive an update. You should really create 2 files - 
>>> firefox.sh and firefox.csh.
>> I had not thought of this that way. I don't do updates only clean
>> installs. But you could very well be correct.
> I was thinking more along the lines of a setup RPM update. Depending on 
> how it was handled, you would end up with profile.rpmsave or 
> profile.rpmnew if you made the change in /etc/profile.
> Do you know what the disadvantages of using this? Would it be worth wile 
> to add the /etc/profile.d/firefox.[c]sh files to the Firefox package?

As I understand this, the way it was explained to me, is that Pango helps 
the display of the hmm... more complicated fonts. The 'double wide' fonts 
like Chinese characters for example and there are others. I do *not* know 
this but I was told that since I only use the 'single' fonts I don't 
really need Pango. I have not recommended this to anyone with an obviously 
Oriental name.  :-)

As a clearly explained *option* I would think it would be an acceptable 
change. Might even be a good idea.

And, for those of us that a 'speed freaks', Firefox 3.0 runs circles 
around Firefox 2.0. IMO.  ;-)



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