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Sat Mar 8 06:38:21 UTC 2008

Words by R. G. Newbury [Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 11:43:57PM -0500]:
> > R. G. Newbury <newbury <at>> writes:
> >>> > >>HELP!...KDE 4 is a bloody disaster. At the moment, I have no KDE 
> >>"Start"
> > >
> (...)
> >> > >And the easiest way to downgrade is to reinstall Fedora 8 from 
> scratch.
> >> > >Kevin Kofler
> > >
> > > And isn't that one HELL of an advert for stupidity too!.
> > >
> > > And yes, it is....thankfully I have my data separated but it still takes 
> a
> > > chunk of time, and now I have to re-update and install a whack-o-crap...
> > >
> >Well, you're a bit too nervous. You installed a development version,
> >guess you made a backup beforehand.
> >I'll spell it out, d-e-v-e-l-o-p-m-e-n-t version.
> I'm not nervous, I'm bloody mad. I did not *choose* to install a 
> developement version. Fedora 8 added the 'fedora-developement' repo to 
> yum.repos.d.

Yeah. But did you enable it?

[japc at morgoth:/etc/yum.repos.d]$ grep ^enable fedora-development.repo

> That sis not happen in Fedora 7. THEN, Fedora 8 appears to have 
> automagically done a global update, although I did not ask for that. I was 
> install a particular package for mplayer and used the -y switch. Fedora 
> decided it needed 75 packages updated. I wasn't really watching as I did not 
> suspect that I would be updated into crap.

It is considered good practice to oversee installations/upgrades.

> Besides the utter stupidity of an install/upgrade methodology which is 
> irreversable, KDE 4 is not yet ready for prime time.

It is not irreversible.
As for KDE4 that's a matter of opinion, I would upgrade now as the
improved konsole, konqueror, dolphin and gwenview are really good. And
so is plasma. But my distaste for manual labor always takes the best.

> I have since been able to confirm that Fedora now includes the dev repo as 
> it was created/installed by default on the re-install...and I now have 
> another case of library hell underway and will have to nuke the beast and 
> start again, again. Because if ONE important file gets updated you cannot 
> revert it out without removing the 40 packages which depend on it.
> And no I didn't 'make a backup beforehand'. How could I reasonably make a 
> backup of the entire OS?

As everyone else, with rsync.

> As it is, my data is on separate partitions. Nuking 
> the / partition is no problem. The waste of time to reinstall is the 
> problem.

I don't do a clean install for 8 years now (tar and rsync have sufficed)
so I wouldn't know.

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