Help revert from KDE4

David Timms dtimms at
Sun Mar 9 11:40:23 UTC 2008

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> And I think I can still call 'stupid' on the maintainers. The "update" 
> apparently does not actually include all of the required files, and the 
> process is apparently not reversible, probably because of that fact.


After a brief following of this thread, I am unable to see how this 
could happen. However, the yum logs could help us understand, and if 
necessary, avoid this in the future. Could you please post the last part 
of your yum log - ie the part from say the date before when you were 
adding the extra packages. This is found in /var/log/yum.log {or if it 
was rolled over recently in /var/log/yum-2008????.log

Also, were any updates done using rpm directly ?


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