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Dave Ihnat dihnat at dminet.com
Sun Mar 9 14:52:31 UTC 2008

On Sun, Mar 09, 2008 at 09:21:50AM -0500, Tom Poe wrote:
> DaveT:  Sounds like things have changed over the years.  I grew up 
> thinking some hard drives might be prone to problems.  Good to hear 
> quality standards are pretty high, now.
> Thanks, Tom

I'm afraid it's the other way--standards are pretty uniformly low.
The manufacturers have listened to the _hoi polloi_ and given us what
they seem to want--ever-bigger and cheaper storage capacity, no particular
priority given to reliability.

That said, even inadvertently things aren't too bad.  I see more failures
today than I used to, but it's not epidemic.  If you're concerned about
reliability, vendors have "RAID certified" drives available; they're usually
only a few bucks more than standard OEM off-the-shelf units.
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