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John Summerfield debian at
Sun Mar 9 23:06:53 UTC 2008

jim wrote:
> Roger Heflin wrote:
>> Jim wrote:
>>> I'am trying to connect to a server on the internet using ssh-x, I 
>>> have IP, passwords, but I can't connect to server.
>>> The server can connect to my box , with my IP  using ssh -x
>>> SSHD is running on my box, my router is setup to do all 'ssh' to my box.
>>> SSHD is runing on server.
>>> When I do ssh -x to server it just times-out, no error messages.

That is what happens when you try to connect to some services on some 
systems I maintain, and it's what happens when our students try to use 
the Internet at times school rules forbid it.

I just drop the packets, and the offending systems eventually time out.

>>> What network command can I use to see if 'ssh' is even getting to 
>>> server from my box.
>>> I can ssh -x from this box to another server with no problems.
>>> I have 'root' access to server, what can I check there? the server is 
>>> connected to a DSL AT&T black box. no router.
>>> Both my box and server is Fedora 8.
>> I would check to see if the firewall is on on the box, and if sshd is 
>> setup to run.    Timeout usually means one of those is the issue.
>>                    Roger
> Thanks Roger for your responds, but I stumbled across the problem, the 
> 'openssh-askpass' package wasn't installed on server, I used ssh -x to 
> install that.

I don't understand this. I judge that the RH/Fedora description is 
incomplete: here's how Debian describes it:
Description: under X, asks user for a passphrase for ssh-add
  This is Jim Knoble's free implementation of the ssh-askpass program.
  Jim calls this x11-ssh-askpass, but I've decided to call it ssh-askpass
  to make it easier to find, because this is almost certainly the version
  you want.
  The other two versions from the OpenSSH source are also available if 
  interested (as ssh-askpass-ptk and ssh-askpass-gnome).
  The non-free implementation is no longer being packaged.  Its source is
  still available, as part of ssh-nonfree's source.

summer at mail:~$

I don't believe I've ever used it, though I use the ssh command dozens 
of times a day. Certainly, one can't have openssh-askpass without X, but 
I regularly use ssh outside of X, and where appropriate it prompts for 
my password the same way whether I'm in an X environment or not.

> I'm trying to get NX to work on this server, so I can connect with my 
> laptop, It gets all the way up to "establish display"
> and after that the server disconnects me.
> Thanks for your responds.

I think that in order to get a good answer you need to give a good 
description. You are our eyes, don't leave us blind!

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