AT&T 2Wire783 DSL modem ???

Konstantin Svist fry.kun at
Wed Mar 12 00:39:37 UTC 2008

Jim wrote:
> Anyone connect Wireless with Fedora on this Wireless 2Wire783 DSL modem.
> It requires WEP number, this router has a 10 digit WEP number but no 
> matter how I put the number  in I can't get connected,
> The selections are ;
> WEP 40-128 bit Passphrase
> WEP 40-128 bit Hexadecimal
> WEP 40-128 Ascii
> Leap
> Dynamic WEP
> I have never got this modem to work wireless with Linux, and it does 
> have wireless capabilites

Have you been able to connect to the modem/router using any other system?
It's possible that the password has been changed.

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