Where's the print que

pursley1 at netscape.net pursley1 at netscape.net
Fri Mar 14 11:20:53 UTC 2008

Hello all.  I figured I'd better add this note.

The only reason that I brought this up was that I sent several documents 
to the printer and they didn't print nor did I get any kind of error 
messages.  That's when I noticed that there were no options for me to 
quickly open a listing of the print que.  I do know how to go into the 
que manually via the text prompt but was wondering why I couldn't from 
Xwindows.  BTW: I still never found out why the docs never printed as 
they vanished from the que without an error or any output of any kind - 
yet still another mystery to be investigated later.

pursley1 at netscape.net wrote:
> Just a quick question.  I just noticed that there is no installed 
> gnome software anywhere in the menus to view the print que for any 
> printer.  Am I missing something or is it not installed by default?  
> There isn't even a mention of it anywhere in the help files.  The CUPS 
> print manager doesn't even have a tab or button for viewing what is in 
> the que that I can tell.
> Bradley

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