Anyone know of good Linux GPS driving map software?

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Fri Mar 14 16:06:02 UTC 2008

Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>> 	I tried long and hard a couple years back with CrossOverOffice
>>>> (CXO); and got to where it would launch and run Garmin, Maptech, and
>>>> (but not Delorme) -- and couldn't enable any of them to talk to
>>>> any of my GPSs. Maybe you'd have better luck now.
>>>> 	One of the machines on my desk has a second hard drive that I can
>>>> boot to XP when I want to bad enough; I'm in process of looking for a
>>>> sturdy laptop with XP still on it for the car.
>>> I left 25GB for xp to play in on that lappy, but the default boot is to
>>> linux.
>> You'd have a fair chance of making this work if you install the free
>> VMware server on the linux side and configure it to use the windows
>> partiton.  Even better if you create a virtual vmware drive and install
>> windows into it. You'll have to re-activate your xp, perhaps either way.
> Re-activate?  AFAIK, it still works, dual boot setup from the gitgo.

With VMware you don't have to dual-boot.  You can run both at once.  In 
fact if you have enough RAM you can run several virtual machines with 
the same or different OS at once - and you can pick which one sees real 
hardware components like the CD and USB ports.

> OTOH, if Bill has had his folks figgur out a way to reach through linux, and 
> trash the xp partition, well, sniff.  On second thought, Nah, I won't miss 
> it.  The warranty is about up, and when its done, so is xp anyway.

XP sees different hardware when running under VMware (because it is a 
virtual emulation), which will trigger the license request.  I've 
forgotten if this applies every time you switch between VMware and 
normal booting when you run from a native partition or not.  You can 
probably get away with calling Microsoft a few times, telling them 
something broke or you had a virus and had to re-install since that's 
such a likely scenario...

   Les Mikesell
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