New equation editor (eke) and a qt4 problem

Andrea Mastellone andrea.mastellone at
Mon Mar 17 15:19:41 UTC 2008

Dear all,

perhaps some of you knows the program Equation Editor

a tool that produces images interactively from LaTeX expressions. Drag 
and drop in several common formats (PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS) to other 
applications is supported.

The old version, 1.3, was provided in rpm version. Now the author has 
released the 2.0 version. I have downloaded the tarball (rpm still 
missing), and launched the perl script ekee therein included.

It complains some qt4 missing program:

[andrea at kilo ~]$ ekee
/usr/bin/ekee:22:in `require': no such file to load -- Qt4 (LoadError)
         from /usr/bin/ekee:22

but I have the qt4 package installed (I have a 64 bit installation).

[andrea at kilo ~]$ rpm -qa |grep qt4

Note: the authos gives in the README file a list of programs required 
for the dependencies, that I have checked, but I cannot find the 
qt4-ruby bindings in Fedora :(

May someone give me a clue ?



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