Yum is deeply flawed lately. Removes needed kernel modules by mistake

Peter McNeil peter at mcneils.net
Tue Mar 18 22:02:41 UTC 2008

Paul Johnson wrote:
> I came to work today and glanced at the yum logs.  When it installs a
> ...
> I can't believe I'm the only one seeing this, but nobody else is
> yelling about it, so I must be the only one.  That makes me think I've
> got something configured incorrectly.  I can report in bugzilla, but
> won't do that until I'm sure it is not some bonehead mistake I've
> made.  At least I'm consistent. It is happening on all the PCs I
> administer...
Re the Nvidia drivers, no you're not making any mistake, this is a 
problem with the livna nvidia packaging, the problem is they update the 
version numbers and the kernel module barfs when it sees a different 
version number (I think) so they remove the old module.

I just reverted to doing the nvidia install manually you need to unpack 
the Nvidia-blah.run using the -x flag, change to that unpacked NVIDIA 
directory and run nvidia-installer -K to just install a new kernel module.

Having said that the livna packages are certainly easy and a good thing, 
just not if you have a new kernel with bugs (like the 2.6.24 kernels)


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