Want postfix with mysql support, courier-imapd, amavisd-new - if possible.

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Wed Mar 19 13:21:38 UTC 2008

Strong wrote:
> Good day all!
I'm looking at rawhide.
> I have to set up a server that includes the following services:
> . apache
> . vsftpd
> . squid+mysql for user authorization
Squid and mysql are both included. I don't know about authentication, 
I've always protected squid by controlling access to particular 
(internal) network addresses/
> . iptables (as a router for local network)
I recommend shorewall though. It's included in Fedora and Debian but not 

> . postfix+antispam
> . mysql
> . postgresql
> My problem/question is this: in FC6 I had to compile myself some
> packages in order to make them work as I wanted. So, in order to avoid
> it, I'm looking for the following:
> . postfix with mysql support,
postfix in f9alpha requires mysql libraries
> . courier-imapd
I've heard good reports of Courier, but never used it. I like cyrus 
imapd which probably does more than you need.
> . amavisd-new

> Could You please let me know if they are available in F8? Or may there
> is interchangeable packages for the same purposes?

I don't really recommend Fedora for production use, especially on a 
server. It's too prone to crashing, even without tracking rawhid.

> I'm advised to go to debian for those and set up its server. But I
> prefer rpm-based distro, basicly - Fedora (or may CentOS for server).
> That's why I raise such a question here. Thanks for Your advice!
CentOS is fine for servers and it's what I use when I'm not using 
Debian. However, CentOS doesn't have as vast an array of software included.

Debian has a vast array of software, and it's all supported for the life 
  of the release. apt-get is about equivalent to yum, and imv is 
preferable. dpkg is about equivalent to rpm, and I think that's better 
too. Packaging aside, Debian's not that different from RHL's successors, 
and certainly more like than SUSE is.

RH expects users to use a GUI to configure stuff, Debian decries such 



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